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George & Marilyn Woodward

George & Marilyn Woodward are the founders of Israel’s Peace Ministries. They see Israel and the Jewish people as the apple of God’s eye and key elements in His end time plan. They feel it is an honour to serve Him and support the people of the Land.

Marilyn, president of Israel's Peace Ministries, was born and raised in Southern Ontario. Her background includes founding and operating a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, teaching Bible School classes and co-pastoring with her husband.

Treasure House Ministries/ Goshen Renewal Ministries

Treasure House Ministries is a federally registered charitable organization that operates under the name Goshen Renewal Ministries, at the Land 0f Goshen Farm located in Millgrove, ON

Goshen Renewal Ministries Mission exists to bring hope, healing and transformation to men who suffer from spiritual, psychological, and/or emotional pain by learning the love and joy of Jesus Christ in a peaceful rural environment through Christian discipleship, professional counseling, practical life skills and connecting to the community.