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Out of the Cold is an emergency shelter program to provide those who are homeless with a warm, welcoming, safe place to sleep during the winter months. This program is offered in several cities in Ontario, is non-profit, and organized and run mainly by volunteers.

In the past, Out of the Cold operated several nights of the week in different locations throughout our city. However, based on the usage of the program, Out of the Cold is now available every night from November - April.
The program is housed at Yeschurch 305 West Street, Brantford.
(Cold Alert nights are defined by the city as times when the temperature drops below -15 C,or when wind-chill effectuates that temperature.)

Out of the Cold is run predominantly by volunteers from around the city of Brantford. We are so grateful for the many churches and groups who have taken interest and have proactively formed teams of people to facilitate the staffing needs of the Out of the Cold program. The City is also working on behalf of the homeless people of Brantford to help them get off the streets and placed in shelters, implementing the Squatters Protocol and Cold Alert Protocol. When homeless people are found, the authorities will work with them to find suitable shelter. Please note, though, that a homeless person cannot be made to take shelter. Past experience has shown us that even after being given shelter the individual will leave and sleep outdoors.

Through the co-operation of several churches and groups throughout the city, we have been able to form a network of teams of volunteers, each team being responsible to cover the shifts of a pre-assigned night. Each night is divided into three shifts with two volunteers being assigned to each. We always require that at least one of the volunteers per shift is male. In the event of a Cold Emergency Night, volunteers will be called in sequential order to come and minister to the needs of the people who come to the shelter.

George & Marilyn Woodward

George & Marilyn Woodward are the founders of Israel’s Peace Ministries. They see Israel and the Jewish people as the apple of God’s eye and key elements in His end time plan. They feel it is an honour to serve Him and support the people of the Land.

Marilyn, president of Israel's Peace Ministries, was born and raised in Southern Ontario. Her background includes founding and operating a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, teaching Bible School classes and co-pastoring with her husband.

Treasure House Ministries/ Goshen Renewal Ministries

Treasure House Ministries is a federally registered charitable organization that operates under the name Goshen Renewal Ministries, at the Land 0f Goshen Farm located in Millgrove, ON

Goshen Renewal Ministries Mission exists to bring hope, healing and transformation to men who suffer from spiritual, psychological, and/or emotional pain by learning the love and joy of Jesus Christ in a peaceful rural environment through Christian discipleship, professional counseling, practical life skills and connecting to the community.