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Open Bible Faith Fellowship

O.B.F.F. is a fellowship rather than a denomination. We support and encourage ministers while allowing them to have their own distinctiveness and God-given focus. Each church and ministry remains totally autonomous while mutually supportive.


FundScrip is a fundraising program in which our supporters pay for their shopping (groceries, gas, home & garden, entertainment, restaurants, and much more) with gift cards bought through Yeschurch FundScrip.   Fundscrip; thereby automatically generating contributions to our fundraising cause. All orders are placed with the admin. asst on the first Sunday of each month & the "Gift Cards" can be picked up on the following Friday.

George & Marilyn Woodward

George & Marilyn Woodward are the founders of Israel’s Peace Ministries. They see Israel and the Jewish people as the apple of God’s eye and key elements in His end time plan.

Treasure House Ministries/ Goshen Renewal Ministries

Colleen & Omar Portillo welcome you to visit their website to learn more about this amazing ministry.