Not a Night Light

In the day, we tend not to fear.
Tend not to worry, cuz we can see clear.
But when the sun sets and the stars poke through.
Our worst nightmares seem to come true.

The world turns black, and we lose our sight.
So what do we do? Use a little night light.
Forget about it when we see the sun.
But as soon as its night, we need it to run.

We seem to do this with God as well.
Forget about Him when everything’s swell.
Forget about Him when we are okay.
But when things start to crumble, we start to pray.

God shouldn’t be like our little night light.
Like something we only turn on in the night.
He is much bigger than any star.
Everyone can see him, even from far.

So pray to Him always, why do we wait?
Thank him for things when things are great.
And we will soon learn he’s not a night light.
He lights up the world, so powerful and bright.

By Lauren Waters


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